Planning Area

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The Fairfield Neighborhood was chosen for the Choice Neighborhood grant as one of the most distressed neighborhoods in Huntington. For more than 75 years, Fairfield has been the primary corridor for public and assisted housing with hundreds of Section 8 assisted units and four public housing complexes, including the severely distressed, obsolete, and now-demolished 130-unit Northcott Court complex. Fairfield is bisected by Hal Greer Blvd, an unsafe, five-lane roadway and gateway into the city from Interstate 64. The neighborhood is further cut off from the downtown district by the CSX railroad bordering the neighborhood from the north.

The Fairfield neighborhood’s northern border is defined by the CSX railroad tracks which separates the planning area from Marshall University and the downtown district. Its western border includes parts of 12th Street and Prindle Park before moving south towards Meadows Elementary School. The southern border follows a zig-zag-like path from Meadows Elementary at the southern tip all the way to the intersection at Artisan Avenue and 28th Street.

The Plan will also support the redevelopment of the former Northcott Court property within the context of a comprehensive revitalization plan for the larger community.