‘Fairfield Bucks’ and the Draft Plan Community Open House

The Draft Plan Community Open House was held on Thursday evening, September 19, 2019 at the A.D. Lewis Community Center. Meeting attendees were given the opportunity to view the core elements of the Plan and provide input on the Plan’s Priority Projects.

Fairfield Bucks’ Tally

Open House attendees spending ‘Fairfield Bucks’ on Project Ideas that are most important to them

The Plan contains 12 total Priority Projects that were identified throughout the community engagement process and are designed to serve as positive catalysts for neighborhood revitalization. Meeting attendees were able to favorite or prioritize the Plan’s Priority Projects by spending $10,000 (comprised of ten $1,000 bills) of ‘Fairfield Bucks’ on the ideas that were are important to them. Meeting attendees were able to drop their Fairfield bucks into buckets that represented the 12 Priority Projects.

The three Priority Projects that received the most Fairfield Bucks from meeting attendees were:

These three Priority Projects will be highlighted in the Final Plan as the three most prioritized or most important of the 12 Priority Projects. They will be expanded upon in further detail and given special attention in the Plan document.

The nine other Priority Projects were ranked as follows:

  • $59,000 – Create a summer youth employment program that partners with Marshall University, Cabell Huntington Hospital, Marshall Health Network, Huntington Police Department, Huntington Fire Departments, and other organizations. (People Plan – Education & Youth)
  • $50,000 – Leverage the grocery store to spur additional commercial development and amenities to the immediate neighborhood such as banks, pharmacies, barber shops, and restaurants. (Neighborhood Plan)
  • $48,000 – Connect Fairfield residents and first-time home buyers to housing assistance, finance, credit improvement, and home ownership programs. (Neighborhood Plan)
  • $38,000 – Support more vocational training classes at Huntington High School and apprenticeships at area firms to encourage more youth to enter the trades. (People Plan – Employment & Job Training)
  • $37,000 – Create a one-stop shop for multiple job services and assistance modeled after the Reeb Avenue Center in Columbus, OH. (People Plan – Employment & Job Training)
  • $35,000 – Replace poor or damaged lighting with enhanced lighting to create a more visible and safe nighttime environment. (People Plan – Safety & Health)
  • $23,000 – Encourage community policing efforts such as Coffee with a Cop and a Hoops In the Hood-style program (LISC) that creates positive interactions with law enforcement and the general public. (People Plan – Safety & Health)
  • $22,000 – Create a holistic community health initiative modeled after the Healthy Neighborhoods Healthy Families Initiative at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, OH to improve positive health outcomes to the Fairfield neighborhood. (People Plan – Safety & Health)
  • $21,000 – Leverage Cabell Huntington Hospital and Marshall University as anchor institutions modeled after the Healthy Neighborhoods Healthy Families initiative (Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, OH) that prioritizes local hiring and helps facilitate multiple workforce development training opportunities. (People Plan – Employment & Job Training)

Below are the posters displayed at the Open House:

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